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The thing about witches and spells and curses that Derek feels should be emphasized is that the victim does not always know about it. The victim here, specifically, being him.

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what do u mean this is not what happened

Anonymous said: Hey so do you know of any daddy!derek fics with his kid trying to det him and stiles up because of reasons?


Kid trying to set them up is loosely interpreted, but these fics are all fantastic:

  • Morning Light by heartsdesire456 (T, 27k) After two years as a deputy for the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, not to mention a lifetime of being the kid of an officer of the law, Stiles had seen some things in his time. Some weird shit happened in Beacon Hills, really. However, no amount of animals mauled in the woods, people going missing, psychotic teenagers going on killing sprees with their trained pet mountain lions (or so the official report stated; Stiles didn’t trust his dad’s account of that night back when he was in high school) could prepare Stiles for the sheer ‘what the hell?!’-ness of waking up at six in the morning for his shift, pouring himself a cup of coffee, and then noticing that outside the back window there was alittle girl playing in his flower beds.
  • Daddy Do’s by aprocryphal (G, 18k) “Hi Mr. Stilinski!” Lydia said pertly. “My name’s Lydia, and this is my daddy. His name is Derek Andrew Hale and he watches all of your videos on YouTube a lot, but he still can’t braid.” [Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.]
  • Lord knows it would be the first time by uraneia (E, 12k) Stiles is home from Berkeley for the summer, but only because he promised the pack. He’d rather not see Derek, because whatever the thing was that they were doing, they’re not doing it anymore, and it sucks. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a choice. The betas tried a magical remedy for Derek’s melancholy, and now Stiles has a three-year-old who looks like Derek. Stiles doesn’t know how to deal with that, and he definitely doesn’t know how to tell the betas he and Derek were secret fuck buddies for a year and a half.
  • Fuck-You Money by jedusaur (M, 7k) What the hell kind of porn name is “Destitute Daddy,” anyway? Out of morbid curiosity, Derek grabs the computer again and types it into the search bar, because revisiting last night’s poor life decisions is always a stellar plan. (or: the personal-finance-blogging AU)
  • DILF by twentysomething (E, 30k) Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.
  • Trust In This (Even If You’re Scared Stiff) by otter (T, 10k) Stiles’ kid has a tendency to get into fights and possibly has bad taste in friends. Or enemies. Stiles isn’t sure yet, but he’s pretty sure the other kid’s dad is too hot to be human.
  • When You Wish Upon a Dragon by lupinus (T, 13k) Stiles is at the Hale house, lounging on the front stoop watching Isaac, Erica, and Boyd wrestle, when the baby comes running out of the woods. Derek becomes instant father to a magically appearing baby and falls in love. Stiles can’t take the cute and worries Derek’s heart will break if he loses the kid.
  • Stiles’ Story Time by trilliath (E, 125k) Where Stiles is a librarian who is in charge of the kids’ reading hour and such. And Derek is 6-year-old Scott’s adoptive dad. And Stiles has his own take on Stories and Scott loves wolves and Derek tries not to admit that he likes the way Stiles’s face looks in those glasses.
    Or something like that.
  • From the Waters and the Wild by otter (G, 5k) The child is dirty and huge-eyed and streaked with mysterious blood. It’s wearing something filthy that could be generously described as a dress but looks more like a sheet, and it’s all so Dickensian, it’s almost over the top. It’s obviously not even remotely human. Of course Stiles wants to take it home.
  • Beside You by notallagron (T, 15k) Filled for the prompt: Derek is a single dad, and Stiles is either a kindergarten teacher or an au pair/nanny hired to take care of Derek’s kid. They fall in love. Werewolves optional.
  • Alcohol May be a Man’s Worst Enemy (But the Bible Says Love Your Enemy) by refuse_to_sink (E, 80k) Stiles Stilinski is a modern day Mister Rogers with his very own children’s show. He also happens to be an alcoholic who refuses to accept the truth, that he needs help. Surprisingly enough Derek Hale is the one with his shit sorted out, caring for himself and his daughter Maisie.



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AGAHFHK!~ BOBBI FUCKING MORSE IS COMING TO AoS! Also a little bit more details about Lucy Lawless character but BOBBI!~


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Nathan Fillion reacts to the baby crying in the background while answering a fan’s question at Phoenix Comic Con | June 7, 2014 (x)

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CSI: Beacon Hills AU.  Sheriff Stilniski heads the force and Derek’s one of his broody “lone wolf” detectives (ha!). Stiles and Scott work in the lab (when they’re not getting on Derek’s very last nerve) and Lydia’s the medical examiner. 

Scott is all dirty because Stiles somehow managed to talk him into being the one to comb through three dumpsters worth of trash looking for evidence. :D

A little fan art I made, inspired by: (x) and (x

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